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Tennessee is the First State to Have a Registry for Animal Abusers


I’ll be honest with you (although you may have already picked this up): I really love writing about keeping homes comfortable and cozy. For one thing, I know a lot about it! I’m a comfort dog and spend all my days in the office with some of the best-trained and qualified heating and cooling technicians around. I listen to them talk about how they solve comfort problems for customers and deliver the finest service to make people happy no matter if it’s sweaty or shivering weather outdoors. For another thing, it simply feels great to talk about helping people feel good in their homes.

But today I’m taking on a subject that’s a much tougher for me to write about, even though there’s some very good news wound up in it.

A New Tool in the Fight against Cruelty to Animals

If you’re a pet lover, it’s probably just as hard for you to grasp as it is for me that many dogs and cats and other pets end up in abusive homes where they are mistreated. Animal cruelty still happens around the country… but our own state of Tennessee has made an important stride toward curtailing it. Tennessee is now the first state in the U.S. with a registry for animal abuse, thanks to the Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act.

The act was signed into law last spring and went into effect on the first of this year. Now, anyone who’s convicted of animal abuse in the state must be in the public registry and will remain listed for two years. Subsequent convictions increase the time to five years. This registry provides an important tool for animal shelters and rescue groups so they know that adoptions will not send a pet to a home with a history of animal mistreatment.

I hope that Tennessee’s example will inspire other states to take similar steps so that my many furry and feathered brothers and sisters will have the best chance possible of ending up in loving homes. I want all pets to have the opportunity to enjoy life with a family that’s as caring as mine here at MK Russell & Abbott.

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