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Maryville to Get a Dog Park!


As well as keeping track of new developments in heating and air conditioning technology, I also keep a watch on the local news because sometimes I come across information that our customers may find helpful. There’s one story in particular that I’ve been following closely because it affects the community ­­and­ dogs…

Construction Starting on a New Dog Park in Maryville

I first learned of this development in December, when the city was negotiating a contract for a new dog park project. The city eventually signed a contract with Leon Williams Contractors in January, and the construction of the new park should start soon, if it hasn’t already begun. PetSafe has provided a grant of $100,000 for the construction, and $6,000 has been set aside from city of Maryville capital improvement fund to supplement the PetSafe grant. The city will allocate $10,000 for annual maintenance by Parks and Rec. The park will be located on existing city property in Bicentennial Greenbelt Park, below Los Amigos Mexican restaurant.

I’ve discovered a few exciting details about the future park. There will actually be two parks: a half acre park for small dogs, and a separate acre and half park for larger dogs—like me. Both will be fully fenced with double gates at the entrance which will form a “corral” where dogs can get let off the leash before going into the park.

I’m just going to pause for a moment and celebrate those words “off the leash.” Off the leash!

There will be some other nice amenities as well: a pavilion, benches, and combined drinking fountains for dogs and people.

The only downside to all of this? The construction on the Maryville Dog Park won’t be completed for 12–13 weeks, with a grand opening in spring. I want to go on a walk now! (I know, I know… some days are still too cold to be out.)

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