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Support the Blount County SPCA This Season!


One of my jobs here at MK Russell & Abbott as the “HVAC Dog Who Blogs” is keeping track of various charities and community organizations that we participate in. Believe me, we do so much that I could make this my full time job. (If I had my wish, my full time job would be napping, but I understand that’s not a responsible wish.)

There’s one charity that’s especially important to me, and that’s the SPCA—the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This organization has been around a long time, more than 190 years! The SPCA is involved all around the globe with animal rescue, shelter building, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and more.

The Blount Country SPCA does a lot of great work in our area. Just this weekend, they held their annual Barn Fall Fundraiser, with barn crafts for sale and a silent auction. But if you weren’t able to make it, it’s not too late to give! Every bit helps, and it can mean a world of difference for an animal in need this season.

Speaking of pets in need during the holiday season, there’s something I want to bring up: pets as holiday gifts. Don’t do it! I know that movies and TV shows have often brought us cuddly images of people receiving an adorable golden retriever puppy with a red bow as a surprise Christmas gift. (Why is it always a golden retriever puppy, by the way? I’ve never been able to figure that out. All puppies are cute!) However, adopting a pet is a serious decision: you are choosing to let in a new family member into your home, one who needs special care for the rest of its life with you.

You never want to give a pet to someone who may not be prepared for these responsibilities. Sadly, this is how many pets end up in shelters rather than homes. If you are thinking about bringing a pet into your family this season, make sure that the whole household knows about it and understands the new arrival will be a forever member of the family.

Stay warm,