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Do I Need a Programmable Thermostat for My Air Conditioning System?


The technology behind thermostats continues to advance each year. The old models of thermostats, which operated off manual dials and switches and mercury heat sensors, have long since been surpassed by digital, programmable, and “smart” models.

Is a programmable thermostat necessary for today’s air conditioning systems? This is a question we sometimes hear from our customers. The answer is a highly qualified “no.” You can still get by with a no-frills digital model or even one of the older manual ones; they will still work at operating the air conditioner. However, you are missing out on numerous benefits, particularly energy savings, if you stay with these outdated models. If it is at all possible, you should call HVAC professionals and arrange to replace an outdated thermostat with an advanced model. The experts will help you find a new thermostat that fits with your budget plans.

The programmable thermostat advantage

A programmable thermostat gives you the power to control the air conditioning in your home even when you aren’t in it. This means you can create a cooling program that conserves energy and saves money. Some of the newer programmable thermostats have multiple programming slots so you can create a program for the entire week, or even plan weeks in advance.

The smart thermostat advantage

Why not take the next step in thermostat technology? The new “smart” thermostats have the best features available. You can control smart thermostats remotely using a laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone. They also learn from the past history of settings and develop their own programs that will maximize your energy savings. You can essentially just sit back and relax in your comfortable home while the smart thermostat does all the work.

Ready to switch from an outdated thermostat to the best in new technology? Then call on the professionals at MK Russell & Abbott. We offer installation of new thermostats in Alcoa, TN.