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Why Combustion Analysis Is Important for Your Heating Safety!


You might have noticed that I talk about regular heating maintenance a lot on my blog. There’s a good reason for this—several, actually. (I’ve already listed eight of them!) But one reason that always rises to the top is safety. As a dog, safety is extremely important to me: you’ve probably seen many of my furry brothers and sisters who work as service dogs protecting humans. In fact, there are dogs specially trained to detect dangerous gas leaks! So I definitely know something about why it’s vital to keep your gas furnace working safely.

Recently, Chris Hurley, my boss here at MK Russell & Abbott, asked me to help him promote combustion analysis and why it’s a necessary part of ensuring that your heating system operates safely. He’s put out a newsletter about it, but thought that I should throw in because the topic is ­that important.

What is combustion analysis?

Combustion analysis is an inspection that should be made prior to any repairs done on a heating system. The analysis tests to see if there are undiagnosed cracked heat exchangers. A heat exchanger with cracks in it poses a serious danger of allowing carbon monoxide gas into your home. Carbon monoxide is deadly—and hard to detect—so you want to eliminate any chance of it getting in the air in your house. Our technicians use advanced digital equipment to perform combustion analysis, and these tools provide additional information about any heat exchanger cracks that older methods don’t, and they are also more accurate overall.

(By the way, the old combustion analysis methods involve using smoke bombs or scented oils to test for seepage in the exchanger. This sound incredibly smelly to me, and I’m so glad that we’ve gone digital!)

Now here’s the really important part. Combustion analysis isn’t just something that our technicians do before they take on a repair: it’s a regular part of any heating maintenance. As Chris says, “We perform this service on every furnace that we touch.” After testing, our technicians will provide you with a printed copy of the inspection report. If there’s a problem in your furnace that might create safety hazards to your family, you’ll know about it—and our technicians will be there to see that it’s fixed.

MK Russell & Abbott offers great service for furnaces in Alcoa, TN and throughout Blount County. We always perform combustion analysis before any repairs—your safety is our #1 priority! Call today for more information on combustion analysis, or to sign up for our Comfort Club. And you can even give a Comfort Club Membership as a gift!