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How to Choose an Air Purifier


Some homeowners mistakenly believe that all they need in order to live in the complete comfort that they deserve is a great HVAC system. Yes, it is important that you are able to heat and cool your home efficiently and effectively. This is hardly the only factor to consider when it comes to comprehensive comfort, though. Your indoor air quality will also play a major role in your overall comfort. To maintain the high level of indoor air quality that you desire, you may need to employ the use of an air purifier in your Maryville, TN area home. Choosing the right air purifier is a necessity if you want to address any problems successfully, though. Work with MK Russell & Abbott to ensure that you have what you need to do so.

As you likely know, there is an air filter in your HVAC system. This filter is of a fairly low efficiency, though, and is really intended to protect the condition of your HVAC system itself from the adverse effects of pollutants, rather than to improve indoor air quality throughout your home. A more efficient air filter may be utilized, but in many cases a more advanced method of air purification is necessary.

This is where the electronic air purifier comes into play. These devices do not function in the passive method of a media filter. Instead, they draw air into an ionization chamber. Once they have done so, the pollutants held within that air are given a static charge. The air is then released, with the pollutants being held on collector plates for easy cleanup. Some models simply allow the pollutants to cling to surfaces in the home, and they are removed during routine house cleaning.

These types of air purifiers are a great option for removing airborne pollutants from the air. However, other types of pollutants require more focused methods. Pollutant destruction is your best bet for dealing with biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria. These systems consist of UV lights which destroy such biological pollutants with the safe amounts of UV radiation emitted. To learn more about our air purifier services in Maryville, TN, just call upon the experts at MK Russell & Abbott today. Contact us today!