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3 Great Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance This Spring


Spring is the season when homeowners’ thoughts turn to their air conditioning systems. That summer heat isn’t far away, and before we know it, our ACs will start to perform steady work. It is crucial that the air conditioning system that serves your family all summer is in peak condition before the heat arrives. Arrange for a maintenance visit from an HVAC professional during this spring (and every spring after it) to inspect and tune-up your air conditioning. You’ll be glad you did: the benefits of routine maintenance are huge. Here are three of the major ones:

I. Your air conditioner will have the longest service life possible

You don’t want to have to replace expensive and important appliances unless you absolutely have to. The longer service life you receive from it, the more value it provides you. This applies to your air conditioning system as much as anything else, and the best way to ensure that your AC achieves the longest possible lifespan is to have professionals provide it yearly cleaning, adjustments, and tune-ups.

II. You can expect to pay less on your electrical bills

As an air conditioner works away during the summer, it will suffer from wear and tear and pick up dirt and grime. This will force it to work harder than necessary, and that will mean higher bills than necessary. Regular maintenance will keep stress on the system to a minimum. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, regular maintenance can reduce your cooling bills by up to 30%.

III. There’s only a small chance the AC will abruptly fail on you

An air conditioner that breaks down during one of the warmest days of the year is a major HVAC emergency. Instead of panicking and trying to find repairs and sweating it out until then, take the time in spring to prepare the air conditioner for the work ahead. Regular maintenance will reduce the chance of a breakdown to the very lowest probability.

To sign up for a great air conditioning maintenance program, call MK Russell & Abbott today. We provide quality cooling and heating in Maryville, TN and the surrounding areas.