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Olive’s Big Fall Recommendation: Have Us Maintain Your Heating System!

Heating Recommendations

Ah, it’s here: one of my favorite blog subjects of the year! It’s the Get Your Heating System Maintained blog post! 

Why do I love writing this post so much? Here are a few reasons:

  • Maintenance is the most important service we offer, and the wonders it can do for our customers are immense. 
  • I love writing about all the benefits customers enjoy because it reminds me why I’m in this business in the first place—to help people.
  • It means it’s almost fall and I can soon run and jump into piles of leaves.

I consider this post my annual fight for you to enjoy better heating! I hope I’ll get you super-enthused by the end of this post so you’ll call our team to sign up for the Comfort Club and get on the schedule for heating maintenance in Vonore, TN, or wherever you are in our service area. Fall is the best time to get this job done: take advantage of the slower season and the milder weather.

Warmth, Savings, Safety, Peace of Mind

Those are the four cornerstones of heating maintenance—you can see why this is our most important service! Allow me to demonstrate:

  • Warmth: Your heating system will have greater capacity and work better for your family’s comfort.
  • Savings: There are so many ways maintenance saves your money: fewer repair needs, no early system replacement, and better energy efficiency. This is the biggest category of advantages, and it means that maintenance pays for itself—often many times over!
  • Safety: Gas-powered furnaces need to have professional inspections each year to make sure they can run at their safest. We won’t let you run a heating system that might be dangerous!
  • Peace of Mind: This is the sum of all the benefits. You’ll head into winter with confidence your heater will work when you need it, won’t drain your wallet, and won’t pose any hazards to your house or family.

Our Comfort Club Is Awesome!

No, I’m not exaggerating. If maintenance is the most important service we offer, then the Comfort Club is the best deal we offer: it makes the biggest difference in our customers’ lives, and we’ve seen it proved again and again. 

There are two tiers you can join at. At both, you’ll get two professional cleanings and tune-ups for your HVAC equipment. As a member, you’ll also receive special benefits such as:

  • Priority customer status that puts you at the front of the line
  • 20% discount on repairs (excludes diagnostic fee) 
  • No overtime charge (except holidays)
  • And much more!

We do all maintenance work to factory specifications and will see that the equipment warranty remains valid. (Did you know that lack of maintenance can void the warranty? Add that as another great advantage of heating maintenance.)

There’s plenty more to say about the Comfort Club, and you only have to call us to find out about the details and the pricing for the tiers. Sign up, and you’ll have a headstart on your winter preparations. 

Stay cool,