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Time for the Annual Furnace Performance Overview!

Performance Overview

When winter comes to an end, it’s time to think about how your furnace managed over the season. This will help you know if you need any important furnace service in Knoxville, TN (such as repairs or a full replacement) during the coming stretch of the year when you won’t need to rely on your heater daily.

This is when I get out my pen and help you go through a checklist “performance overview.” I’d love it if I could tuck the pen behind my ears, but I don’t have stand-up ears like German Shepherds, so I’ll just have to grip the pen in my mouth when not using it. Anyway, let’s get into this informal overview. 

Please note: This casual exercise is not a substitute for annual heating maintenance in fall. When you need actual heating work done, you’ll want our pros to be there to do it!

The age of your furnace

How old is your furnace? If you don’t know, you can find out by looking at the inside of the panel where there’s a manufacture date. If you can’t find the date, write down the serial number and model number and call us—we can find out the age. 

The age of your furnace gives you a good measuring stick for other possible performance issues. It’s not an immediate indication you need a new one. (Any contractor who says you have to replace your HVAC system once it’s ten years old is not someone to trust!) If you have a gas furnace, you can expect a solid 15 to 20 years from it, and once it gets older than that, it’s time to be more cautious about other performance concerns.

How often the furnace needs repairs

Did you need to get the furnace repaired this last year? Are repairs becoming an annual chore? These are warning signs of a furnace that’s entering into its final decline—you’ll soon pay much more for the repairs than if you started with a new heating system. 

General coziness factor

Was this a general cozy winter for your family where you didn’t need to think much about the thermostat setting? That’s good, and it shows a furnace that’s working the way it’s supposed to. If you can’t give your furnace a full “thumbs up” on this, however, I recommend you call us to see if it needs a repair, or possibly even a replacement. (Do this no matter the time of year! Furnace repairs are better when done promptly.) 

You have your eye on a new system

Have you looked over our line of Onyx equipment? We have terrific choices for heat pumps and dual fuel systems specifically designed for East Tennessee conditions. So if you have an older furnace, even one that is working well, you may be interested in an upgrade. We’re glad to help you investigate the possibilities of a new system installation. 

Anyway, I hope this short list and brief overview of your furnace has helped you think about your home heating future. We’re here to help make it better!

Stay warm,