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March Doesn’t Mean You Can Let Your Heater Limp to the Finish Line

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I find March a stressful month—because it can never decide if it wants to be winter or early spring, and it swings back and forth. I see our team keep busy helping our customers with their heating systems, and they’re also doing important AC maintenance service for members of our Comfort Club. (If you haven’t signed up yet, enroll today and get on the schedule for your AC care!)

I’m not quite ready to talk about air conditioning systems yet, because heating can still be an urgent affair in March. What I want to talk about today is the heating system you have that isn’t doing its best. Are you thinking of letting it limp on until the warm weather comes to stay? Nobody here recommends that!

“But Olive, the heater is only having a little bit of trouble …”

Sorry, but trouble is trouble when it comes to home heating. “A little bit” can cover up a lot. If you aren’t an HVAC tech or super HVAC blogger dog, you may not realize the dip in heating levels around the house could be a sign that you need a whole new furnace. There’s also the issue of safety … I’ll hop into that one first, because, well, safety first!

Never let a gas furnace run if you think something’s wrong with it!

Gas furnaces are great! I love basking near room vents on cold days when the gas furnace is on because the heating level is so powerful. I say this because I want you to love your furnace as well and not feel afraid of it. A furnace can only become a safety hazard if maintenance is neglected or repairs are ignored. You don’t need to diagnose the furnace to determine the seriousness of the problem. Just call us, and we’ll take care of it. We perform combustion tests to discover if a furnace is safe, and that’s not something all contractors do.

You never know when you’ll need the heater working hard again

This is a hazard of hoping warm weather will arrive when your home’s heater is struggling. The unpredictable swings of March may force your heater to take on a heavy workload—increasing the risk it will fully breakdown because of those malfunctions you ignored.

You throw money away with a wonky heater

A heater that isn’t working its best must expend more energy to do basic tasks. It’s like getting a stuffy nose—think how much more work your lungs must do while you’re sick. You’ll pay plenty for these last months of heating when it’s not necessary.

You’ll have an easier fall

Finally, fixing a heater even with spring on the way is good planning for later in the year. When you turn your heater on for the first cold day in fall, you don’t want it to go kaput right away because it was left with unrepaired problems.

Our team is here so you don’t have to worry about all this. Got heater trouble? Give us a call, and leave it to us! That’s what your friendly neighborhood HVAC company in Knoxville, TN is for.

Stay warm (or cool),