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What Is a Variable Speed Furnace?

Speed Furnace

One of the big jobs I do as an HVAC blogger dog is to keep up with changes in heating and cooling technology. Maybe a greyhound is better suited to this job because comfort advances move with incredible speed. But I still stay on top of the news, because it’s important for me to inform customers about the options they can investigate when planning a new heater installation.

In this post, I’m going to look at the variable speed furnace. This is a type of furnace that offers several excellent benefits for the right home. Stress on the right home—there’s no such thing as an HVAC installation that works for all homes. This is why I recommend you work closely with our Russell & Abbott family when you’re planning on a new furnace install or any other HVAC system.

The Variable Speed Furnace

When I used the term variable speed to describe a furnace, what I’m talking about specifically is the motor of the blower fan for the furnace—which is usually also the blower fan for the air conditioner. The motor of a variable-speed furnace can operate at different speeds to adjust to temperature needs in a house. At lower speeds, the motor consumes less electrical power. This is different from a Two-stage furnace, which has two different stages for the burners. Some furnaces combine both technologies.

How a Variable Speed Furnace Can Work to Your Advantage

Here are the top potential advantages of a variable-speed furnace.

  • Reduced electrical consumption: If you have a gas furnace, you may not think much about its electrical use—but the electricity needed to run the blower fan can be high. When the motor can drop down to lower speeds, it uses less electricity. In fact, the blower motor will run at lower capacities around 60% of the time the furnace is operating.
  • Even comfort distribution: The variable speed motor changes based on thermostat readings in the house, and the result is a more even spread of warmth through the house. You’ll have fewer hot spots and cool spots because the furnace can make smaller adjustments to how air is distributed rather than just off/on.
  • Great for zone control: If you are considering having a zone control system installed into your HVAC system, a variable speed motor helps immensely. As zones are shut off, the motor will power down to match the fewer rooms requiring heating (or cooling).
  • Better air filtration: Air filters are better at their job of trapping pollutants when air circulation is slower. As the furnace ramps down for stretches, the filters can work more effectively at removing contaminants.

Call on the Comfort Experts

Comfort is personal! No two homes or families have the same needs or budgets. You can trust our experts to find the heating solution that meets your needs, and we won’t attempt to push you to purchase a system that isn’t right for you. If you aren’t looking for a new furnace but instead need furnace repair in Lenoir City, TN, we can handle that as well!

Stay warm,