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A Thanksgiving Reminder and Some Furnace Health Tips


Olive here getting in early on wishing you a happy Thanksgiving—and also reminding you to check out a holiday safety post about Thanksgiving food and your pets I wrote last year. The short version: Don’t use your pets like a garbage disposal after Thanksgiving feasting! Not all of those leftovers are healthy for dogs and cats, and many can be downright dangerous. Stuffing, the seasoning on turkey skin, grapes, artificial sweeteners, meat bones, and any kind of chocolate are all out of the question. Please help make this season a happy one for your household and your pets with this simple guide.

Let’s Talk About Your Home’s Furnace for the Holidays

Okay, I’ve checked off the most important box: protect the pets. But I want to have some straight talk with you about the furnace that’s going to run more and more often in the days ahead until it’s running every day. Is your furnace ready for this responsibility? Will it not only keep your warm, but keep you safe, in the approaching winter?

The essential part of readying a furnace is to have professional maintenance with our team. You can sign up for our maintenance plan, The Comfort Club, and we’ll do all the hard work of tuning-up and inspecting your furnace. We’ll do a combustion analysis, something I talked about in my last post, to make sure the furnace isn’t posing safety hazards from combustion gas leaks. We’re equipped with the latest in high-tech analysis equipment—something you won’t find at many other contractors. (And especially not the amateur “Chuck in a Truck,” who isn’t even licensed to work on gas furnaces. I bring up Chuck a lot because that fella can do some serious damage to your heating equipment and possibly your home.)

I’d like to shine a special light on furnace repair in Farragut, TN, because moving fast on repairs is vital for maintaining furnace safety and efficiency. Here’s a short list of signs from your furnace that are telling you to “Call Russell & Abbott right away”:

  • Odd sounds, like grinding, screeching, and clicking
  • The carbon monoxide detectors go off (vacate the house and call the gas company before calling us)
  • The furnace keeps tripping the circuit breaker when it comes on
  • The furnace is turning on and off multiple times over an hour (short-cycling)
  • Parts of the house aren’t getting as warm as they should be
  • Acrid, burning scents from the vents

Please don’t make any “heroic” attempts to fix your gas furnace on your own. I’m not only an HVAC blogger dog who knows it takes a trained professional to do this work, but I’m also up on my local codes and know it isn’t legal for anyone except a licensed professional to repair a gas furnace. Our team is licensed as well as experienced with gas furnaces and other types of heating systems. You can trust us to fix your furnace before the problems worsen.

Stay warm and feast well,