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Is That Ductless Heating System Not Working? Let’s Take a Look…

ductless air conditioner

I do a lot of research on furnaces, especially gas-powered ones because they are the most common type of heating system you find around here. If I were a betting dog, I’d put my money on “furnace” when asked to guess what type of heater a home around here has.

However, I don’t want you good readers who don’t use a furnace to feel left out. There are other heating options, and maybe you’re one of the homeowners who has a ductless mini split heat pump installed.

These are great for those older homes that don’t have room for ductwork, or for building a new home without ducts hogging up all that space. It’s always great to have a heating system that also works as an air conditioner during the middle of the year.

But Olive, I Came Here Because My Ductless Heating Isn’t Working

I hear you! There are numerous benefits to having a ductless mini split heat pump, but there’s no such thing as a “repair-free” heater. If you’re having trouble here in the early stages of winter weather with proper heating from your ductless system, I can help. Or at least, I can direct you to the people on our team who can come out to help you.

  • One of the wall units isn’t blowing out air: A nice fact about ductless systems is that when something goes wrong with one of the wall-mounted blower units, it usually doesn’t shut down the entire system. So if the blower motor on one of the units burns out—and that’s probably the reason the unit isn’t sending out air—you only have one room in the house that won’t be getting heat. Call our technicians and they can take care of the job of replacing the motor.
  • I’m seeing water stains around one of the units: Oh, looks like you have a leaking condensate line coming from the unit. This isn’t something to delay on getting fixed! If too much water damages the wall, it will weaken and allow the unit to tear away from it.
  • The blowers are working but I’m only getting cooling: You don’t want an air conditioner running during winter, of course! What’s probably happening here is a broken reversing valve, a component in the outdoor cabinet that’s responsible for shifting the heat pump system from heating to cooling mode and back. HVAC technicians can repair or replace the reversing valve.
  • A single unit has lost its heating power: A number of problems could be behind this, such as a frozen refrigerant coil or a loss of connection to the remote that controls the temperature. Check on the batteries to the remote first, then call on our help if the system still won’t work.
  • All of the units are losing heating power: The likely source of this is a big refrigerant leak somewhere, and this is a problem that needs repair ASAP since it can lead to damage to the compressor. The trouble could also be in the outdoor compressor. Rescuing a compressor before it burns out is one of the most valuable jobs our technicians can do for you!

If you’re looking for quality heating repair in Knoxville, TN, or the surrounding areas, you can trust Russell & Abbott. It’s important to us that we get the job done right every time.

Stay warm,