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Our Slow Season Means Savings for You on Our Onyx Equipment!

dog in front ac

Heads up everybody who 1) wants great air conditioning and heating, and 2) wants to save money on great air conditioning and heating!

I’m guessing that’s just about everybody reading this. Who wants a poor comfort system and end up paying more for it? (Well, maybe a cat. I have never understood cats.)

Starting August 1 and for a limited time, we’re offering $500 off our Onyx Equipment!

Why are we doing this? Right now is sort of the slow season for an HVAC company—the days are warm, the nights are cool, and those AC emergencies aren’t coming at us so fast. I feel a lot lazier this time of the year lying on my favorite couch, although the rest of the staff still has their energy up to help where they’re needed. And they’d love to use the time to help homeowners get great HVAC equipment for less.

Onyx is hardcore comfort you can feel. It’s our own HVAC equipment designed specially for our local climate, and Onyx systems are durable and reliable. Chris, our president, has one in his own home, and I can tell you personally that it works great. Chris has certainly seen his share of national brand heating and cooling equipment that breaks down early, which is why he wanted to design something better for our customers. We stand behind Onyx equipment with our excellent 10-10-10 Warranty: 10 years on all parts, 10 years on labor, 10 years on maintenance.

We want you to take advantage of this $500 off Onyx Equipment offer because our work is slow for the next month and a half, and we also know that you’ll be so happy with your new equipment that you’ll tell your friends all about it. Maybe it will change our slow season to a busy one—we don’t mind! So it’s a good idea to call now—before all those other orders for Onyx come rolling in.

Stay cool,