MK Russell & Abbott Celebrates National Customer Service Week!

It’s October! That means big heaping mounds of leaves! Towering massive wonderful crunchy piles and pyramids of leaves and I’m just going to plow through them and roll around in them until somebody stops me. Hahaha!

Huh… oh sorry, got distracted there. It’s my favorite time of the year. But that’s not only because of the leaves. This first week of October is National Customer Service week! In 1992, Congress proclaimed this as a nationally recognized event, celebrated during the first full week of October. Here’s a part from the proclamation that I particularly like:

A business built on customer service understands and anticipates the customer’s needs. It designs goods and services to meet those needs and builds products that perform to customer expectations. It then packages them carefully, labels them correctly, sells them at a fair price, delivers them as scheduled, and follows up, as necessary, to satisfy the customer. This kind of commitment to service leads to customer loyalty and to genuine improvements at the bottom line.

I really wish I had written that—because that’s exactly how we run business here.

  • Products that perform to customer expectations: We provide the finest air conditioning and heating products for our customers that will exceed their expectations.
  • Fair price: We want you to receive the best value. You will always get your money’s worth when you hire us.
  • Follow up as necessary: This is one of the cornerstones of customer satisfaction: seeing that customers stay happy with the job we do.

Our customer service goes even farther. We’re in business to serve the community as a whole. We aren’t some distant corporation, managed from afar. All of us are part of the local community, and we’re in this for the long-haul. At MK Russell & Abbott we celebrate National Customer Service Year! Every year!

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