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How HVAC Systems Can Help Improve Your Health


The winter colds are going to be here soon! I can already feel the static electricity that’s making my fur stick to the brush. Heating systems will soon start turning on—and a new set of health problems are going to confront us when the cold sweeps in. Tuning your heating system up is just one step you can take with your HVAC preparation. You can also make some changes to help the HVAC system protect your health during this time when your immune system can be weakened.

Now the most obvious answer to the question, “How can an HVAC system benefit your health?” is that it warms you up when it’s cold. That’s an easy one. But there are other ways to upgrade your ventilation system to make your home a healthier one in winter.

Beat the Dry Air and Invest in a Humidifier!

Winter means more than falling temperatures—it also means falling humidity. The cold causes moisture to freeze from the air and make homes bone-dry. Calling our team to put in a whole-house humidifier can take care of this. Most people think of a humidifier as a way to help keep warm, but it also boosts household healthiness! Dry air is an environment that allows illnesses to spread fast because it increases the chances of infection: mucus and sinus membranes dry up, making it easy for all the icky germs and flu bugs floating in the air to spread from person to person. (Believe me, my nice cold nose dries up in low humidity as well and it’s not fun.)

Defend Against East Tennessee Allergies with Air Filters and Air Purifiers

This part of the state has a problem with high levels of allergens, and during the winter they can collect inside homes with no easy way out. You can’t exactly throw open your doors to freezing weather to air out these unwanted allergens—but you can have our team make additions to your HVAC system such as powerful air filters and air purifiers. Leave the work to us, and we’ll find the type of filter that will do the job against allergens without causing your heating system any trouble.

There are other ways you can improve comfort and health in your home with some work and upgrades to your HVAC system. All you have to do is contact our office, and we’ll be glad to help you get the best for your family.