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Gas Furnace Safety! Here Are Some Things You Should Know


An important dog fact for the day: we canines have a such a keener sense of smell than humans that scientists seriously can’t even measure how much better it is. They do agree that our noses are far, far, ­far more sensitive than yours.

You may be thinking, “Olive, there are plenty of things in this world that I don’t want to smell! My nose is just fine the way it is.” I see your point. But when it comes to home safety, having a nose that can instantly pick up on acrid burning scents or the slight trace odors placed into natural gas is very helpful. Since I share my highly refined sense of smell with you, I’ll do the next best thing and offer you some advice for gas furnace safety this winter.

First, get your furnace professionally maintained!

Yes, I mention heating maintenance a lot—but it’s one of the best things you can do for your home comfort and system efficiency. And when dealing with a gas furnace, maintenance will catch possible safety issues before they can become problems.

Check on your carbon monoxide detectors

You can’t smell carbon monoxide (unless it has a trace odor placed in it) with your human nose, but you can have detectors placed in your home that will warn you if CO level rises too high. Before winter arrives, check to see that all the detectors in the house are working. Some of them may need their batteries changed.

Clear out the area around the furnace

The space around the furnace cabinet should be clear, especially of items that are combustible.

When something seems wrong with the furnace, call for repairs sooner—not later!

You should never delay when arranging for furnace repairs. The problem may seem like a small one—such as an odd noise from the cabinet—but ignoring it can lead to safety issues and can end up costing you more in the long run. Call our repair technicians as soon as you can so that small malfunctions don’t have a chance to get worse. You can even schedule service online at

The heating experts MK Russell & Abbott serves Greenback, TN and the surrounding areas. Call us to care for your furnace, so that you are prepared for colder days ahead!