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Humidifiers by Russell & Abbott

High humidity is often a problem for homes in Knoxville and the surrounding area, but dry conditions also create problems for comfort as well as health when they occur inside a home. At Russell & Abbott, we can help keep your home comfortable with HVAC installations that make it easier to control humidity levels. If you still have problems with low humidity in your house, talk to us about installing a professional humidifier.

Contact us for air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services in Maryville, Knoxville, Alcoa, Blount County, Knox County, and Loudon County.

Why Low Humidity Is a Problem

People welcome a "dry heat" during summer because low moisture levels make it easier for the body to cool off faster. But what happens when the weather is dry and cold? Nobody wants heat leaving their body faster when the temperature is low. It means running the heating system longer. Dry air also causes dry skin, itchy eyes and nose, static electricity, and damage to wood furnishings. It can also allow the rapid spread of illness because dried mucus and sinus membranes lower the body’s natural defense against flus and colds.

Combating Dry Air With Great HVAC Services

If you have a house that becomes uncomfortably dry, call the HVAC technicians at Russell & Abbott. Often, the reason for the problem is a poorly installed or malfunctioning furnace or air conditioner. We never take shortcuts when it comes to installation and service for ACs and furnaces, and you can trust our knowledgeable staff to see that you have a heater or AC that isn’t contributing to dry air in your house.

Professional Humidifier Service in Knoxville

You may want additional help with low humidity. Portable humidifiers can only do so much, and they are mostly used for infant’s rooms. For a professional solution, consult with our HVAC professionals. We can install a professional humidifier that offers precise control over relative humidity levels and works with your HVAC system. When you need repairs for the system or a replacement, call us and we’ll see the job gets done. We can include maintenance for a professional humidifier as part of your regular maintenance plan. We only want the best for you!