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Dehumidifiers by Russell & Abbott

The summer heat in Knoxville and the surrounding area often comes with high humidity levels, and everyone knows this means muggy, unpleasant days. A right-sized air conditioning system can prevent extreme humidity from making your home feel hotter, as well as stop other troubles caused by humid conditions. In some cases, you may need the help of a professional dehumidifier. No matter what HVAC service is necessary for balanced humidity, you can trust Russell & Abbott for the work.

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High Humidity Creates Many Problems

High humidity makes your home feel hotter even if the temperature stays the same. That is because humidity makes it harder for your body to release heat. If high humidity is a routine problem for your home, it’s something you’ll want to deal with.

Proper Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

When humidity is ramping up in your house, let our technician find out if it’s because of a faulty air conditioning system. The AC removes some moisture from the air as it operates, and if it begins to falter, you may notice a rise in humidity.

Another common problem is an air conditioner that’s the wrong size for the house: an undersized AC will let humidity get out of control. We always recommend calling the Russell & Abbott technicians for air conditioning installation. We take special care to do load calculations for every house to ensure we install the right size AC so you’ll have cool air without high humidity.

Professional Dehumidifier Services in Knoxville

We also install and service professional dehumidifiers, which can help in some homes experiencing trouble with high humidity. These professional solutions are far more effective (and safer) than portable units. Our HVAC technicians will see that you have a proper dehumidifier installation. They are also ready to help when you need regular maintenance, repairs, and an eventual replacement for the dehumidifier. Trust us to watch out for your comfort and also deliver courteous service.