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Dual Fuel Systems

Heat pumps are popular options for year-round comfort. But for some homes, it’s better to have a combination of an electric heat pump and a gas-powered or propane-powered furnace. These are dual fuel systems, a.k.a. dual fuel heat pumps, and Russell & Abbott offers full installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for them. Let us help you find out if a dual fuel hybrid heat pump will deliver superior performance and efficiency for your house.

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Heat Pump Versatility & Efficiency Plus Furnace Power

Hybrid heat pump systems can help overcome one of the few drawbacks of a heat pump: a loss of energy efficiency during extreme cold temperatures. A dual fuel system has a backup furnace to provide the heat necessary when the heat pump is in danger of an efficiency drop. This gives a home the convenience of having the best of electric heating and gas heating in one system—as well as having an air conditioner for summer.

Heat Pump Services in Knoxville From Professionals

You probably have more questions about dual fuel installation, and our courteous experts can answer all of them. If you have a hybrid system already installed, you can turn to our technicians whenever you need dual fuel system repair. Both the heating and cooling capacities of your dual fuel heat pump are covered by our Comfort Club, so sign up and we’ll see you have reliable and energy-saving system performance all year.

Our ONYX Line of Systems Has Your Comfort Covered

All ONYX systems come with our special "10-10-10" warranty. You get a 10-year warranty on parts (no exceptions), a 10-year warranty on labor, and 10 years of maintenance at no additional cost to you. The warranty is transferable if you sell your house, and if you move to a new home in our service area, you can keep the unused portion of maintenance for a new system.