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The Most Important Service We Offer: Maintenance!

Monday, June 13th, 2022

You may notice that at the end of all my blog posts, I close with “Live worry-free.” This is what all of us at Russell & Abbott want for our customers, and it’s what we aim to deliver with our services. And no service is more important for helping you to live worry-free than regular HVAC maintenance!

It’s almost officially summer, so if you haven’t yet scheduled your air conditioning maintenance in Knoxville, TN with our team, this is when I strongly recommend you have this ticked off your “to-do” list. Sign up for our Comfort Club and you’ll enjoy even greater benefits!

Why is this your most important service?

I’m not exaggerating when I say this! Regular maintenance for your air conditioning system (as well as your heating system) is the secret to avoiding most potential troubles you might face with your home comfort, preventing short-term costs, long-term costs, inconveniences, and comfort emergencies. It’s an all-around huge benefit to your life!

I’ll break this down further to show why regular maintenance is so fantastic.

  • Short-term savings: One of the goals of professional maintenance is to prevent air conditioning malfunctions that require repairs. Maintenance can prevent more than 50% of the repairs you would otherwise have to pay for. Maintenance also keeps the warranty valid for the air conditioner, protecting you from having to pay for repairs that are due to a manufacturer’s fault. 
  • Long-term savings: Maintenance helps save you money in the long-term AC in two ways. First, it stops the AC’s energy efficiency from rapidly declining. Without maintenance, you’ll pay more and more each year for cooling, and could soon be paying 25% more than you should. Second, maintenance helps an air conditioner last for as long as possible, often reaching 15 years before needing a replacement. An early replacement is expensive!
  • Convenience: You don’t want to have your comfort interrupted during the summer heat because the AC has started to work less effectively. You’re unlikely to run into this kind of problem when you have maintenance at the start—you can expect the air conditioner to work at peak capacity. Maintenance also catches potential repair problems early so you can have them fixed at your convenience, rather than the AC forcing you to schedule the repairs.
  • Prevent emergencies: I tend to think of the peace of mind that comes with maintenance as its best benefit. When you have our team tune-up and inspect your AC before the summer heat arrives, the system has the best chance of getting through the season without an emergency breakdown.

The Comfort Club

Our Comfort Club makes maintenance even better. Aside from all the benefits I just talked about, the Comfort Club adds discounts on repairs, priority customer status, and other benefits (depending on which plan you select).

So give us a call today to sign up for membership in the Comfort Club. You can also download the membership form and present it to your technician at the time of your maintenance appointment. 

Live worry-free,


Russell & Abbott serves Maryville, Knoxville, and surrounding areas. Just Whistle and we’ll come running!

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Olive Breaks Apart Myths Other People May Have Told You About Your AC

Monday, August 9th, 2021

This is one of my favorite topics: Olive, Shatterer of Myths! It feels epic when I get to take on misconceptions. Yeah, maybe that sounds a bit grandiose, but I love helping people. Not many dogs get a chance to reach as many people as I do.

Anyway, today the myths I’m smashing apart are the sort you may have heard people tell you about air conditioning. These myths have a way of spreading fast even with nothing to back them up. They just sort of “seem” true, even though they aren’t.

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Olive’s Summer Starter Tips for Your AC

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

“But Olive, it isn’t summer yet!” That’s true, but I’m here to help you get started for summer, which is not too far away. We can start getting full summer temperatures in May. This is why I encourage all my loyal readers to have any big jobs they need to be done for their HVAC system scheduled now. For example, if you think you need a new AC installation in Knoxville, TN, now is the time to talk to us about it. 

If you don’t have any major HVAC service need, there are still some “summer starter” jobs you can do to help your air conditioning system work its best. Here are a few of my top tips.

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Spring Is Here! Let’s Get Your AC Inspected and Tuned-Up

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Springtime! If you’re a dog (and I’m assuming you’re not), this is one of the best times of the year: not too hot, not too cold, and people are always looking for an excuse to take you outside so they can enjoy the warmer weather as well. I’ll admit that I’m still biased a bit toward fall because I like to leap into piles of dried leaves, but spring is still a pretty big deal for me.

And it’s a big deal for all of us here at Russell & Abbott, because spring is when we provide one of our most important services: air conditioning maintenance. Routine HVAC maintenance is the most important service we offer, and AC maintenance is one half of that.

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It’s That Time of Year: Evaluate Your AC’s Performance

Monday, September 21st, 2020

September is when I break out one of my old chestnut topics—but it’s a perennial topic for good reasons! The same way I make sure my good readers and Russell & Abbott customers know they need to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Knoxville, TN each spring, I want you all to know that the start of fall (this week!) is a time to size-up how your air conditioning system performed over the summer.

No, I don’t want you to open the cabinet of your AC and look at it. Leave repairs to our pros. What I want you to do is ask questions about how well the central air conditioner did its job through the hottest months of the season. This will help you with future planning. And those plans may involve getting a new AC!

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Watch Out for Rusty AC Coils

Monday, July 27th, 2020

ac-coilsNobody wants anything to rust. It’s just not what you want to happen to metal! And yet, I’ve often discovered that people are willing to let “a little rust” get past them when it comes to important appliances like a central air conditioner. “After all,” they say, “What’s a little rust”?

No! I have to put my paw down on this. I’m going to tell you about the problem with rusty/corroded air conditioning coils. If you’ve found your way to my blog because you’re wondering if corroded AC coils are a problem, then you’re already ahead of the game and on your way to scheduling the air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN to fix the problem.

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Why an Honest Contractor Is So Important for Better Air Conditioning

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Heating and Air RedneckWhen I was writing this post, I was thinking of titling it “Lies My Contractor Told Me.” But I wouldn’t want you, dear readers, to think I meant our team at Russell & Abbott! Honesty is our policy because we know how much it means to customers. We’ve built up a successful business because local homeowners trust us. This honesty isn’t only good business, it’s also being a good neighbor—we’re a part of this community, and we want to do our part to make it a great community.

The contractor I was thinking of when I came up with this list is the other type of contractor. The contractor that makes up stories just to make an extra sale for something a customer doesn’t need and which won’t create better air conditioning! Working with an honest contractor means you won’t hear false advice like this…

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Olive’s Gardening Tips for a Better AC (Rocks, Not Mulch!)

Monday, May 20th, 2019


I’d love to tell you that I’ve got a green thumb, but the truth is I don’t actually have any thumbs at all. But I’ve got green paws—I know all about the best gardening tips when it comes to protecting your air conditioning system.

Okay, I can hear what you’re thinking right now. “What in the world does gardening have to do with my air conditioning system?” You might be surprised to discover that good garden planning can help your air conditioner work at higher efficiency and avoid many different repair problems.

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Want to Avoid AC Repair This Year? Here’s How to Start!

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Onyx---Iced-TeaRepairing air conditioners is a big part of what keeps us busy during the summer. Our team is ready to come to your rescue when you’ve got a cooling system that just isn’t doing the “cooling” part.

But we also understand that you’d rather not have to call us for air conditioning repair in Farragut, TN or elsewhere in the first place. It’s much better to prevent repairs ahead of time so you can sail through the summer with one less thing to worry about.

“Okay, Olive, how do I prevent repairs? I don’t know how to tinker with my AC.”

Ah, great point! You don’t want to tinker with your AC no matter what. The only people you want opening up the air conditioner’s cabinets and going in there with tools are licensed HVAC professionals. There are a few things you can do to help your air conditioner run better that don’t require any expert knowledge, such as regularly changing the air filter. However, in this post, I’m going to tell you about the best place to start with repair prevention…

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A Healthy HVAC System Is Good for You!

Friday, February 15th, 2019

woman-with-thermometerFebruary is a busy time for doctors and veterinarians—it’s the peak season for dog flu and human flu! I know a lot about both, since a) I’m a dog, and b) hang around a lot of humans. But did you know there’s another member of your household that can also get “sick” this time of year? It’s your HVAC system—and I have advice on how you can keep your HVAC system healthy during this time of the year, as well as the rest of the year. A healthy HVAC system means a healthier household overall—for pets and humans!

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