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The Biggest HVAC Myths—Myth #2: You Can Maintain Your Heating and Air Unit for only $99 a Year!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

I write about HVAC maintenance ­a lot on my blog. And there’s a good reason for that—in fact, I’ve given 8 Great Reasons in the past. But the short version is that regular HVAC maintenance is simply the best way to receive a long service life from your comfort system along with money-saving performance. You should absolutely sign up for a regular maintenance program with an HVAC contractor.

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The Biggest HVAC Myths—Myth #1: You’ll Get All This for a $49 HVAC Service Call…

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

In some of my past blogs I’ve put on my “Mythbuster” hat (well, it’s actually a collar) and taken down some of biggest misunderstanding that people have about air conditioning and heating. But there is a swarm of those myths wandering around, so I’ve decided to make this into a series where I tackle the biggest HVAC myths one after the other.

First up is one of those “If It Sounds Too Good to Be True… It Probably Is” stories.

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Heating and Air Myth #4: You Are Guaranteed (pick a percentage) Savings With The Installation of A New HVAC Unit

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Guaranteed HVAC savings are like a response from a magic 8 bal

Be very suspicious of this kind of claim. Any contractor who guarantees a certain percentage of energy savings with the purchase of a new unit is giving you (at best) an estimated guess. He might as well be pulling a number from a Magic Ball. There are so many variables that determine how much it will cost a homeowner to operate an HVAC system that such a generalized claim is worthless. Consumers should view this offer with skepticism similar to that which they might have with a “guaranteed” weight loss product.

The MK Russell and Abbott Difference

Currently, energy savings from equipment manufacturers are based on a national average–including the coldest climates and the hot spots in the continental United States. After Jan. 1, 2015, manufacturers must offer estimated energy saving based on REGIONAL data. This will provide a truer picture of what the equipment is capable of. Additionally, MK Russell & Abbott will provide an individual assessment for specific equipment in YOUR home, factoring in location, direction of the sun, system design, insulation quantity and quality, age and style of dwelling and the lifestyle of the people who live in your home. Only after that can a series of mathematical calculations determine appropriate equipment for your home and recommendations for increased efficiency.

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Myth #3: You must replace your HVAC system every 10 years.

Monday, September 29th, 2014

DecadeThis is an outright lie. Some poorly installed and maintained systems require replacement within five years of installation; other 25-year-old systems that have been properly cared for are running like new. There’s no reason to get a new HVAC system at the 10-year mark, unless there is a specific reason.


MK Russell and Abbott is one of the few Trane Certified Comfort Specialists in our area.  We have been installing new heating and air units and performing HVAC repairs in Maryville and the surrounding area since 1977.  Here are some things that we keep in mind when we evaluate your home’s heating and air conditioning needs. Equipment performance and longevity sit on a three-legged stool. The first leg is choosing the right equipment for your needs, and our salesman can help you determine what that is. The second leg is that the design (ducting, air fl ow, capacity etc.) must be figured mathematically then properly executed. It’s much, much more complicated than having someone eyeball your house and say “I reckon you need about a 3-ton unit.” The third leg is having the right team install the system as designed. Our installers care about the quality of their work. They are respectful of your home. At MK Russell & Abbott, we’re detailed people who are dedicated to getting the job done right, every time. Read about Myth #1  and Myth #2

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HVAC Myth #2: You Can Maintain Your Heating and Air Unit for only $99/Year!

Friday, September 26th, 2014


How can you know if the maintenance contract with your HVAC company is worth the paper on which it is written? At a minimum, your service technician should provide you a written checklist of what’s being done to your system, and what is covered by your contract. The maintenance agreement that you sign should provide you with a check-up twice each year—once to assure proper heating, and once to ensure flawless cooling.


The most important maintenance for an HVAC system is something homeowners can do themselves—change the filters regularly. The next most important thing is having the system checked by a professional. It takes an experienced technician at least 45 minutes to conduct a thorough check of an HVAC system, plus a minimum of 30 minutes travel time, twice annually. He or she will use very expensive equipment to certify safety. (For example, the ONLY way to assure your natural gas system is safe is by testing with a combustion analysis tool that costs about $2,000.) If your contractor claims to be able to do all that for $99 a year, rest assured shortcuts ARE being taken. MK Russell & Abbott offers comprehensive maintenance agreements starting at just $14 per month and thousands of our satisfied customers believe it’s well worth the peace of mind.


* Variations on this tale include “The $49 Tune-Up” and “The Cheaper Install.” Both offers exist, but you’ll get what you pay for.

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You’ll get all this for a $49 service HVAC service call…

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


Too Good to Be True: Five Tales Most HVAC Contractors will tell to get your Business

If all that matters to you is getting the cheapest product, then you may choose to read no further.   However, smart consumers who care about quality and value should understand these five common consumer “hooks” and what they really mean.  This is the first article in a 5-part blog series that we hope helps you see through common HVAC consumer “hooks”.

You’ll get all this for a $49 service call…

contractorliesAre you getting a deal or getting taken? The truth is, the inexpensive service call almost always turns into a costly bait and switch. Many heavily advertised companies, especially the ones that offer a full gamut of services (HVAC, electrical, plumbing) pay their often-unlicensed technicians on commission, based on the amount of the average service charge. The employees are instructed to FIND things wrong! And because most homeowners aren’t familiar with all the little parts that make up an HVAC system, they do not know to question the “discovered” need for a replacement part, the need for multiple repair trips, or the increased cost of the ticket.

The MK Russell & Abbott Difference

MK Russell & Abbott is honest and experienced.  We’ve served Blount County since 1977 and want to keep earning your trust for several more decades.  We’re more than a neighborhood business. We live in Blount County and we are raising our families here. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we hire only drug-free, certified service technicians. It cost us a bit more to do business this way, but MK Russell and Abbott is the best long-term value for your home, and that’s a promise you can take to the bank.


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