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Air Filter Change: What You Need to Know!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Hi, Olive the Comfort Dog here. While professional maintenance is necessary, there’s one key thing you can do to help keep your HVAC system operating efficiently.

Replace your HVAC air filters per your manufacturer’s instructions and upon advice from your HVAC service provider. Once is month is not one-size-fits-all.  Some filters need to replaced less frequently; others need to be replaced more often.  Factors, such as having furry family members such as myself inside the house may mean that your filters should be changed more frequently.  Individual  differences in lifestyle will impact the kind of filter that you use. Some kinds of filters do their job so well that you won’t have to dust your home as often, a chore my humans sometimes complain about. Others are very effective at eliminating odors.  If you are unsure what kind of filter to buy, just ask MK Russell & Abbott about the different options, or visit MK Russell & Abbott on YouTube to see a video about air filters.  We’ll also show you how to change the filter when we come out for Comfort Club maintenance!

For those who want to “bone up” on why air filters make a difference, here’s the deal: a clogged air filter prevents airflow, causing pressure drops in the HVAC system, and that means that the fan motor has to work harder and that air circulation through your home suffers. In fact, clogged air filters are the most common cause of costly burnt-out HVAC systems.

When you become a Comfort Club Member at MK Russell & Abbott, we  will maintain an electronic file for your system, noting  your air filter needs and preferences. To learn more about the smart choice of joining Comfort Club or to fill out the Comfort Club Member Agreement, call (865) 982-5133 or visit

Be Comfortable,

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Heating and Air Myth #4: You Are Guaranteed (pick a percentage) Savings With The Installation of A New HVAC Unit

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Guaranteed HVAC savings are like a response from a magic 8 bal

Be very suspicious of this kind of claim. Any contractor who guarantees a certain percentage of energy savings with the purchase of a new unit is giving you (at best) an estimated guess. He might as well be pulling a number from a Magic Ball. There are so many variables that determine how much it will cost a homeowner to operate an HVAC system that such a generalized claim is worthless. Consumers should view this offer with skepticism similar to that which they might have with a “guaranteed” weight loss product.

The MK Russell and Abbott Difference

Currently, energy savings from equipment manufacturers are based on a national average–including the coldest climates and the hot spots in the continental United States. After Jan. 1, 2015, manufacturers must offer estimated energy saving based on REGIONAL data. This will provide a truer picture of what the equipment is capable of. Additionally, MK Russell & Abbott will provide an individual assessment for specific equipment in YOUR home, factoring in location, direction of the sun, system design, insulation quantity and quality, age and style of dwelling and the lifestyle of the people who live in your home. Only after that can a series of mathematical calculations determine appropriate equipment for your home and recommendations for increased efficiency.

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